10 November 2007

Quinoa Pilaf with Caramelized Onions and Toasted Pecans

I have a bunch of weird grains like Amaranth and Quinoa and Buckwheat (not so weird for some, I know) and mostly I've only used them once. And only for breakfast foods, but I don't really care for hot breakfasts all that much. So I need to find other ways to use them up.

This quinoa recipe came from a really lovely cookbook I've got - A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen by Jack Bishop. If you google the title of the book, it'll bring you to that google books thing where you can see several of the recipes from the book (not this one, however). I've only made a couple of things from the book so far, but they were both really good. (The other can be seen here.)

Anyway, it was really simple to make, which was fantastic since I started cooking at 9PM, and quite tasty.

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    Meanwhile I would love the recipe for the Quinoa with carmelized onions and pecans.

    I don't want to post my email. (I'm not a blogger, just a quiet reader.) So I'll check back here to see if you reply.

    Thanks, and best wishes to you.