04 November 2007

Vegetable - Tortellini Soup with Turkey Roll-ups

Mmm... I love soup. Though it's not the best picture - the soup kind of looks muddy, but it's a very dark broth that I used, and the roll-ups are so white/beige that they look unappetizing, but I was too tired and lazy to cut up red pepper or lettuce or anything to tuck in with the turkey and mozzarella. Thank goodness it all tasted good.

It amuses me to compare my photo to the one in the book the soup came from, where there are four perfect looking tortellini, one in each quadrant of the bowl, and a few pieces of each of the other ingredients - carrot, zucchini, tomato, yellow (though I used red) pepper, spinach - showing to their best advantage. Me... I just spoon it into the bowl, might stir it around a bit to get some more stuff showing, and then decide that it's good enough.


  1. I tried the soup, and it is yum! I added some chilli flakes to give it some umph. Did you use chicken tortellinis? I couldn't find any, used a cheese one instead...it is alright the next day taste wise, but the tortellinis are mushy.

  2. oh, that was me - Tanya

  3. The recipe calls for it to be cooked with a bay leaf, and you use rosemary for flavouring. Both of which added a nice flavour, but I like putting chili flakes in soup anyway, so that's not a bad idea for next time.

    Anyway, I used a whole wheat tortellini, which probably holds up a bit better than white pasta for leftovers. (Assuming the one you used was a white pasta.) It it was beef and vegetable flavour, and surprisingly good. (I usually like the cheese stuffed ones best.)

    I didn't like the zucchini and spinach on the second day, so I actually fished that stuff out and just ate the rest of it :D

  4. Ooh, rosemary would be lovely, going to try that next time. I did use the whole wheat variety, meh, perhaps that's just the way it is on the second day.
    I've been enjoying your posts! I'll have to get some of the other recipes from you sometime.

  5. If there are any in particular you see and want, stick a note in that entry and I'll post the recipe as a new entry so it'll come up top.

    Jen told me that you'd said I should post the recipes but I don't usually because I don't come up with them myself. But if someone asks, I don't mind sharing :D