16 November 2007

Chicken Couscous Cakes on Mesclun

My mom bought me a recipe book for my birthday or maybe for Christmas that focuses on whole grains. I've never cooked anything out of it before, but I had a bag of wild rice I wanted to start using up, so I cracked the spine, and made myself Chicken Couscous Cakes. It was sort of a two day operation, since I made the wild rice and bought a deli chicken on Wednesday, and then actually assembled everything on Thursday. (I was too tired and/or lazy to cook on Wednesday.)

Anyway, they were very tasty. They're made (mostly) of whole wheat couscous, wild rice, chicken, and vegetables. And they sort of, together, reminded me of chicken and stuffing baked into little cakes. It has a little bit of jalapeño jack cheese in them, but I couldn't taste it at all, so I think I might skip that if I make these again. But I think I'll add some red pepper flakes when I'm cooking the vegetables because I think it could stand up to some heat.

I've become fond of eating hot foods on lettuce and I'm really not sure why. Usually I'd get all squicked about (possibly) wilty lettuce, but this just seemed to work. A little lettuce, some vinaigrette, and a bite of my little chicken cake all together was just perfect.

ETA: This was a part of my on-going quest to use up what's in my cupboard. It probably says something about me that I won't like that I would choose a recipe that uses one ingredient I have - wild rice - but requires me to buy two more that I don't - couscous and bread crumbs.

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  1. this one sounds tasty & interesting. Would you mind sharing the recipe please?