26 November 2007

Rotini with Moroccan-spiced Root Vegetable Sauce

Okay. I think was even better as a pasta sauce than in its incarnation as a baked potato topping. This was a pretty fantastic use of leftovers. (And I'm having it for lunch tomorrow. Yum.) I think I may have helped it out a little by adding the rest of the can of tomatoes, plus a bit more of each of the spices.

I really like the brand of pasta that I used today, Barilla Plus. It's not very common in the grocery stores up here (Catelli and Primo are the two most common) and, alas, I picked up the box when they were being discontinued at the store I work at. What I like is that it's got a really great texture and it holds its shape perfectly. And for a whole wheat pasta, it's not the least bit slimy, tough or just plain horrible.

At any rate, this was a really great sauce to use on a whole wheat pasta because the flavour was quite intense and hearty and robust enough to stand up to the pasta without being overwhelmed by it.

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