28 June 2007

Green Bean Curry on Basmati Rice with Spicy Tomato-Onion Salad

Tomorrow I won't be posting a dinner photo because... this is what I'm having for dinner. (With cherries for dessert. Or watermelon.) (I work 4:45-11 tomorrow.) I think the tomatoes will be not so much spicy as mouth scorching, but that's okay because my god they taste good.

Anyway, the bean curry didn't taste nearly as good as I'd hoped - it wasn't flavourful enough. Or saucy enough. I'll maybe try to rework it sometime, I think it shouldn't be too hard to make better.

27 June 2007

Mien Ga (Or something like it) and Bean Sprout Salad

I've been really run down feeling the last little while, and slammed with allergies, and it's been really hot in between bouts of really cold/rainy, which has all added up to me wanting to eat chicken noodle soup. (Even with the heat.) And then I kind of had a craving for bean sprouts, so I went looking at Soup Song for a recipe that might combine the two. (I was thinking about pho... but with chicken rather than beef.) I don't know how authentic to Vietnamese cooking this is, but it really is delicious.

It's really been a bit too hot for soup (though not so much today as it was yesterday), so I decided to make a really light, fresh salad to go with it. This is just cucumber, red pepper and bean sprouts with a bit of black pepper grated over top. It's the lightest summer salad you can imagine: watery and crunchy and peppery and fresh and so so so good.

25 June 2007

A Mountain of Vegetables with a Burger and Rice

Kind of a... use up some of the vegetables sort of meal. That's my favourite way to eat broccoli though (sauteed with garlic and red pepper flakes) and cauliflower is always yummy.

Barbecue Beef Wrap with Fresh Veggies and Yogurt

So far as wraps made of leftovers go, that one was kind of a failure -- messy! There was rice everywhere (and it's even messy in the photo, which I took before leaving the house). Tasted good, but...

24 June 2007

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I usually like to make my own soup, but I keep a few cans on hand for lazy days. And today? A lazy day. Anyway, I felt like soup and grilled cheese, so soup and grilled cheese it was. It'd have been better with cream of tomato soup, but I'm trying to eat healthy and non-cream soups are a lot better for a person.

22 June 2007

Same Old Sandwich

Today's lunch is made of boring.

I hate sandwiches. You wouldn't know it, based on the last couple of posts but... they're just so boring. Even when you put interesting things inside.

21 June 2007

Turkey Sandwich and a lot of other stuff

Another not so much cooked as just put together lunch. I hate taking lunch to work. I need to start making bigger meals at night so that I can have leftovers instead.

So, turkey sandwich with a big pile of carrots and sugar snap peas. (The lot of that only just fit in the bottom compartment of my lunch kit.) And on top, cottage cheese on lettuce and watermelon.

All in all, a good meal+snacks for the day, but I don't really like sandwiches much, so I need to get back into making other things again.

20 June 2007

Turkey Tortilla Roll-ups with Veggies and Green Apple

I didn't cook this so much as just make it. A quick throw together meal, since I was at work over the supper hour today.

Very tasty and, fortunately, filling. I'd probably make it again tomorrow, except I have no more tortillas and no more cucumber. (So it'll be on bread, with lettuce instead of cucumber, I guess...)

19 June 2007

Cauliflower Gratin with Vegetarian Souvlaki on Wild Rice

Okay. In a better world, I'd have eaten this with a nice green salad, but in this world, I wanted to eat a lot of cheesy cauliflower. So I did. In order to make it even vaguely healthy, I halved the amount of cheese the recipe asks for. It was still good, but less good than it might have been.

If I were smart, I suppose I could make that amount, with the full amount of cheese, and then eat half. But why would I want half when it tastes that good?

Anyway, the vegetarian meat replacement on a stick wasn't bad. One of the better ones I've had, though I found the texture a bit weird. (I think they were trying too hard to make it like real meat.) Taste-wise it was good enough, but could have used a shot of lemon.

Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

This stuff is really delicious. I found the recipe here (her picture is way nicer looking than mine). I used a larger can of crushed tomatoes rather than diced (as I don't like chunks of tomato in things) and made it into 5 servings rather than 4. Really delicious.

18 June 2007

Roasted Asparagus and Red Peppers with Wild Rice and a Chicken Burger

Super easy dinner tonight - the rice was leftover and the burger came from a box. (I'm in love with Compliments brand burgers. This chicken burger and their lean beef burgers are really good.) The vegetables took a couple minutes prep, and 15 minutes in the oven.

Kind of made me feel lazy, but I had a completely lazy day. I should go take a nap.

Chicken Rollatini, Wild Rice with Mushrooms, and Sauteed Snow Peas

Chicken Rollatini with Asparagus and Roasted Red Peppers, Wild Rice with Mushrooms, and Sauteed Snow Peas.

This was my first time cooking asparagus. And my first time eating it since I was a kid. I was impressed; it tasted far better than I made it out to be when I was eight years old.

I cooked it, I photographed it, and then I ate it

I cook a lot. I'm not a very good cook, and I'm not an inventive cook, but I'll try almost anything once. And as long as it doesn't come out looking like complete ass (and sometimes even then) I'll take a picture of it.