19 June 2007

Cauliflower Gratin with Vegetarian Souvlaki on Wild Rice

Okay. In a better world, I'd have eaten this with a nice green salad, but in this world, I wanted to eat a lot of cheesy cauliflower. So I did. In order to make it even vaguely healthy, I halved the amount of cheese the recipe asks for. It was still good, but less good than it might have been.

If I were smart, I suppose I could make that amount, with the full amount of cheese, and then eat half. But why would I want half when it tastes that good?

Anyway, the vegetarian meat replacement on a stick wasn't bad. One of the better ones I've had, though I found the texture a bit weird. (I think they were trying too hard to make it like real meat.) Taste-wise it was good enough, but could have used a shot of lemon.

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