27 June 2007

Mien Ga (Or something like it) and Bean Sprout Salad

I've been really run down feeling the last little while, and slammed with allergies, and it's been really hot in between bouts of really cold/rainy, which has all added up to me wanting to eat chicken noodle soup. (Even with the heat.) And then I kind of had a craving for bean sprouts, so I went looking at Soup Song for a recipe that might combine the two. (I was thinking about pho... but with chicken rather than beef.) I don't know how authentic to Vietnamese cooking this is, but it really is delicious.

It's really been a bit too hot for soup (though not so much today as it was yesterday), so I decided to make a really light, fresh salad to go with it. This is just cucumber, red pepper and bean sprouts with a bit of black pepper grated over top. It's the lightest summer salad you can imagine: watery and crunchy and peppery and fresh and so so so good.

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