12 November 2007

Spicy Beef and Refried Beans with Fresh Salsa, Toxic Cheese Sludge and Taco Chips

I'm so in love with these dishes that I'm going to find a way to put everything I eat into them for, like, the next month, I think.

Anyway, I hadn't had any liquid cheese food in a while, so I picked some up over the weekend to have with the last bit of refried beans and beef that I'd made and frozen quite a long time ago. Today I just heated everything and made up a quick fresh salsa to go along with it.

Tasty goodness. (But no more cheese product for me for a long while. It makes my stomach very unhappy a short time after making my tongue very happy.)


  1. toxic cheese sludge! how apt!

  2. Mmm yum, toxic cheese sludge. (I just can't eat that stuff very often. Once, maybe twice, a year and I'm done. Much like theatre popcorn, it has a time and a place, but it's time is a very infrequent one.)