21 November 2007

Ginger-Soy Chicken on Iceberg Lettuce

Among the anti-fan set, Rachael Ray is often derided for being (among a great many other things) an endorsement whore. I'd never really seen proof of it, maybe because I'm Canadian and my exposure is thus a bit limited? I don't know. At any rate, I work at a Safeway store and they play over the intercom what I call Safeway radio. It's basically just a set playlist of vaguely pleasing (to some, I suppose) pop and a few classics intercut with some ads for various products or items that are on special and a lot of pharmacy related content. (Diabetes is a popular subject.)

Well, a few days ago I noticed a new ad. "Hi guys! Rachael Ray here!" etcetera endorsing Nabisco crackers. So in honour of Rachael Ray, endorsement whore, I decided to cook one of her recipes.

I actually own her book 365: No Repeats and have made two or three things from it in the past. And say what anyone will about her, I still like the food she makes. This was no exception. The crunchy iceberg lettuce was a really delicious change from noodles or rice, and the flavour was just right: a little sweet and a little gingery and a little spicy without being too much of any of those things.

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