19 November 2007

Tortellini Stirfry

Okay, so I said elsewhere that this dinner wasn't bad but that it's too weird to be good. And that's about the most I can say: too weird to be good.

I had a lot of tortellini leftover from when I made soup with it a while back, so I decided to use a little more of it up (I froze the extras) and went to Olivieri's website to see what recipes they'd have up there. (The tortellini is actually Olivieri's Whole Wheat Beef and Vegetable Tortelloni. I don't know what the difference is between tortellini and tortelloni, but apparently there is one?) So there was this weird looking recipe for tortellini with stir-fried vegetables.

How could I not try it? (I won't try it again, mind.)

They didn't show a picture on the website, which I think is because it's not the most attractive looking dish. (Though if I worked like a food photographer, I'd have kept the sauce off the vegetables, and poured it on artfully so that the vegetables would all look pristine and beautiful.) Anyway, it wasn't bad tasting. It smelled really good, actually. But I'm just not sure my brain or taste buds are prepared to accept the flavour combination of soy sauce and pesto.

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