10 November 2007

Fabric Origami Ninepatch

I mentioned in the comments in my last entry that I had thought about making a quilt for my mom with a bunch of ugly floral prints that I own made into these origami flowers. Well, the idea morphed a little, so that it'll be for my grandmother rather than my mom because I've already got two projects half finished for my mom, and I think she'd probably rather I finish one of those than start with something entirely new. (Also, my grandma is quite hard to buy for - what does she want for Christmas at her age? Not much. She just buys whatever she needs, always.)

Anyway, this photo is just to show the basic idea of the thing. It'll be composed of nine patches like this one (which hasn't been sewn together), alternated with nine patches in green and that beige floral print. The green, like the flowers, will be made of a variety of different green prints, so that it's all going to be quite scrappy.

I have such a hard time with scrappy quilts but my grandma comes from the If You've Got the Fabric, Use the Fabric school of quilting, so my sister has quilts in the basement from her that are black and red in the sashing and borders, but have pink blocks and every other colour imaginable, whether or not it matches. And I love those quilts, so I'm going to struggle through my natural dislike of making scrappy quilts myself. And it's a good way to use up some of the really ugly florals my mom has bought me over the years.

Anyway, I plan to tie this quilt. There will be buttons in the centre of each flower, so I can either tie down from there or I could sew the buttons on before making the sandwich and then tie the quilt when I tack down the petals of the flowers. In either case, neither option tells me what to do about the green sections of the quilt. Hmm...

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