13 November 2007

Pinwheel Gift Block

I made this block for one of the members of my livejournal group, Birthday Blocks. She had requested any pinwheel block done in lavender and butter yellow with accents of spring green.

So it's a bit more vibrant than lavender, butter, and spring green. But I actually really like the effect, and I hope the recipient does too. She had gotten one block with some really dark purple in it (darker even than this) and so I hoped to help balance things out a little by adding some more dark. I really hope that it helps. As for 'spring green' I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, so I just found something that popped. It pops a little too much, I think, since the lavender actually sinks back (you don't notice so much that it's also a part of the pinwheel).

At any rate, I really hope the recipient liked it, even though it didn't quite fit her requests.

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