14 October 2007

Watermelon and Feta Salad

I seem to have a problem where the foods I want to eat never quite line up with season when the ingredients are freshest or make the most sense. Like wanting hearty soups in the dead heat of summer or wanting fruit salads when the watermelon is starting to look pale and mealy. This watermelon was actually pretty decent, though. Quite sweet and juicy, though a bit paler pink than I'd choose when I'm spoiled for choice in summer. (I did have to try three grocery stores before I found one with watermelon I was willing to spend money on.)

Anyway, this salad was meant to be eaten on arugula, but I couldn't find that at any of the grocery stores I went to either. And then I thought I'd eat it on mesclun, which I had, but it turned out to be past its expiry date and I'm a freak about expiry dates, even when I can see that the leaves weren't wilting and going bad. Fortunately I also had romaine, which was a neutral enough backdrop for the rest.

I was a bit worried about this recipe because the combinations seemed a little bit suspect - the sharpness of balsamic vinegar, the saltiness of feta cheese, the sweetness of watermelon - but it really came together nicely. I enjoyed it a lot.

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