28 October 2007

Turkey Dinner

So we had a big turkey dinner today -- a belated Thanksgiving. Or an early American Thanksgiving. Whichever. Or maybe just turkey for the sake of turkey, it isn't like we discussed things we're thankful for or anything like that. (Do people do that?)

Anyway, this is pretty typical of a big family-style dinner at my place. My brother-in-law makes the turkey (or chicken) and mashed potatoes and his Russian salad. (There are two dishes of that on this table, both on the left, one in the small egg shaped bowl and the other in a crystal dish. One has sour cream, the other doesn't.) My sister made the stuffing and the gravy. And I made the tomato/cucumber salad.

The turkey doesn't look like a turkey because it fell off the bone when my sister and bro-in-law tried to move it onto the platter. It was ridiculously tasty. The meat I had was faintly citrus tasting, and a little garlicky, and very very yummy. Everything thing else was really good too, but I practically never have turkey, so that was the bit that stands out most.

Also, it's not in the picture, but my sister's friend came over for turkey too, and she brought a yummy dessert with whipped cream and fruit on it. Mmm... dessert.

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