19 October 2007

Fabric Folding - Origami Flower Pillows

I was reading a quilting blog - A Canary's Life... The Caged Bird Sings - today that talked about fabric origami and linked to an HGTV site giving directions on how to make a folded flower. And hey - I've done that before!

I haven't felt like sewing in the last little while, so I haven't really had anything new going on to talk about, and then I thought about posting old stuff, but I didn't want to do a big photo-dump. So maybe just dribs and drabs like this, when I think of something specific.

Anyway, these five pillows are just a few of MANY that I made for Christmas gifts in 2005. They're just tiny little things - if I remember right, they're 6x6-in square. But for a long time I've thought about making them smaller yet in order to make pin/needle cushions. I just don't know what you use to "stuff" a pin cushion. (I assume it's not just batting?)

At any rate, the second picture is the only larger scale thing I made using the pattern. It was also a Christmas gift, though that one was for my cousin, who is a huge fan of dragonflies. I found the dragonfly/snail print and decided that bugs would work with flowers. It's a 14" pillow.

Some day I think I'd like to make a full-size quilt full of those little flowers, but they're definite fabric hogs, so it's a big hard for me to commit to something on a larger scale. (Each 4" flower requires a 9" square of fabric.) It sort of feels wasteful. Hm. On the other hand, maybe it's what I can do with all the ugly floral fabrics my mom likes to buy me even though she knows I don't like them. I could make her a throw, or something.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Your pillows are amazing! The flowers are fabric hogs but beautiful. Using your unwanted fabric for the florals would be a great idea, I'd love to see it!

    For pin cushions you want something to weigh down the bottom in addition to the polyester stuffing. I also like to add left over cotton quilt batting to line the cloth covering to avoid polyester batting sneaking through the weave over time.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions for pin-cushions. I probably won't do them this year, but last year I bought fabric for doing it, so maybe next year :D

    I keep thinking about that idea for using up my florals I don't like. If I can work out some way to get it done in time for Christmas for my mom... I just might go ahead.