07 October 2007

Mushroom Omelette with Turkey Sausage and Kiwi

This is my nod to Thanksgiving dinner - turkey sausage. (And I'm having a turkey sandwich tomorrow. But that's turkey from the deli. Not turkey straight off a turkey carcass.)

Anyway, I wanted something easy to make today, since I'm so completely exhausted from working my night shift on Saturday night. Eggs? Easy. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with the eggs, but I had a few cremini mushrooms in the fridge that miraculously hadn't gone bad in the many days since I bought them. So... an omelette. (Also, I didn't have actual eggs, just a thing of egg whites, which I bought because I wanted to make this breading-crusted pork dish that needed a bit of egg white, and why waste a whole egg just to do 1/6th of the recipe, you know?)

I bought the turkey sausage yesterday when I was out looking for junk food (didn't find anything worth getting) and they were miraculously low-calorie (for a sausage) so I wanted to find out if they were also low-taste. They were quite good. Not quite the same as your average greasy pork breakfast sausage (that tastes so yummy when dipped in a bit of pancake syrup), but definitely good enough to buy again. (I don't get the urge to eat sausage very often, though, so probably what is leftover in the freezer will last quite a while.)

Kiwifruit were on sale at my grocery store last week so I've been eating a TON of kiwi lately.

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