10 October 2007

Blue and Yellow Gift Block

I made this block for one of the members of my livejournal group, Birthday Blocks. She had requested blues with pale yellow, quilter's choice for the block.

I'm really not sure what inspired this block choice, except I suppose that it's just a pretty pattern. I wish I'd chosen something else, since it was a complete menace to sew accurately. (And also, I need to throw out my one ruler because it doesn't measure a quarter inch the same as all the rest of my rulers.) I had an incredibly hard time matching things up (and it's less perfect than I'd like, but not so imperfect I wouldn't give it away).

There are so many things I can see now that it's done that I should have done differently (different balances of colour) and different ways of incorporating the yellow, but on the whole I'm pleased. I still think it's a pretty block, even with its flaws.

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