15 October 2007

Apricot Chicken with Sautéed Green Beans

This chicken was really delicious, a definite keeper recipe. It had all the things I like about apricots (the taste), with none of the things I don't (weird mouth-feel). (Yes, I do have texture issues when it comes to food.) The shallots were really nice with the apricot, and there was just a hint of cinnamon that was really delicious.

Green beans are a pretty basic side-dish for me. I can/will/do eat them alongside pretty much anything. You can't really go wrong with green and wax beans. Especially beans that are lightly sautéed in a bit of olive oil with some crushed red pepper. Yum. I don't really know why I added the almonds this time - they sort of seemed superfluous and pointless. Maybe they don't match well with the heat of the pepper. Anyway, I'll skip them next time. (But maybe it's time for my favourite rice/beans/almonds/parmesan cheese side dish, again.)


  1. This sounds great and I know you said the pork dish with parmesan risotto was a disappointment to you but that sounded really good too. I've had things turn out a little damp. I think it's because I didn't cook things hot enough. Another little trick somebody told me when you want things to crisp up like that, is to mist oil over the top (with one of those spray bottles). That way it's not soaked in oil but enough to help crisp it up.

  2. Thanks! It was really tasty.

    The oil idea is a good one. I kind of want to try that recipe again, just with a bit of fiddling around, because I think it would be good if I could get the flavouring right, so I'll keep the oil idea in mind.