04 October 2007

Beef and Vegetable Curry on Brown Rice

You wouldn't really know it by the colour of the sauce, but this was made with a Thai Red Curry paste as the base. (It was very mild too, so next time I think I could double or triple the amount of paste. The recipe asked for 1/4 tsp, and I used at least a 1/2 tsp but that wasn't nearly enough.) I'd never used red curry paste before (I tend to use green because I know I like that), but it had a nice flavour, and it seemed to work well with this recipe.

This was meant to be a lamb curry, but I've never cooked lamb before, and it's quite expensive to buy here. (About $20 a pound, which is... a stretch, for my budget.) So I pulled some stewing beef out of the freezer. Stewing beef wasn't the best choice for this - it needs a much longer cooking time than you want to use for the vegetables - but it was what I had, so it was what I used. And despite coming out a touch tougher than I'd really like, it was very very tasty. AND I've got enough for three more meals, so that's fantastic.

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