10 October 2007

Chicken & Vegetable Lasagna with Garlic Toasts

I wish I could pretend that I slaved all day (yesterday) over the stove cooking up a really tasty chicken lasagna... but really I just opened the box, tossed it in the oven, waited a while, and then ate it. It's from a Safeway brand called Eating Right, and it is more healthy than any lasagna I'd make at home. (Because at home, I'd use a whole lot more cheese. Just saying...) Anyway, it was a pretty great dinner. (And lunch today. And dinner tonight.)

I did make the garlic butter all on my own with no recipe to guide me. (It could have used a bit more garlic. But never mind that.) That was all the effort I had in me, yesterday.

I should have edited this photo differently. But all the effort I had in me for that was expended just getting it this far... (Having some motivational issues at the moment...)

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