25 October 2007

Roast Spiced Chicken with Steamed Snow Peas and Roast New Potatoes

Okay, so my attempt to get back to eating food that isn't completely devoid of nutrition hasn't gone completely well - I had nothing for dinner yesterday and have eaten almost nothing but chili since I made it. But tonight I put in very minimal effort and got seriously high returns.

So. Good.

I know it all kind of looked a little singed around the edges, but the chicken is just blackened and the potatoes actually roasted nicely, and... well, the sugar snap peas are a little singed, but they don't taste like it.

The chicken recipe was really, really fantastic. It was a tiny bit spicy (not spicy, really, but it just had a nice edge to it) with a delicious hit of cinnamon. I'll probably make this again and again because it's really that good (and that easy).

As for the potatoes... well, they're pretty basic roasted potatoes. They're just done with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and marjoram. But it was my first time cooking a purple potato! So that's was kind of exciting. I'm always trying to talk myself into trying new fruits and vegetables, but I don't do it all that often. And then when I do, I had to go for something boring like a fancy potato instead of, say, rambutan or mangosteen, but purple potatoes sure do look neat.

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