04 October 2007

Pink Striped Hand Bags

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon making two little hand bags for the nieces of a friend of mine. The friend had wanted me to decorate some scarves for the girls, but I don't know enough (or, you know, anything) about working with sheer fabrics and I was a bit worried about shredding the material or just... ruining it somehow. So I made these instead.

I found the pattern for this bag here, and then modified it to make it just large enough to hook over an adult's shoulder. It holds my wallet, sunglasses, keys and a few other items as well. I want to try making one for myself, now, but much larger, so that I can fit a few books and things like that in it as well.

These bags are made out of quilting cotton, so they're very light and a bit flimsy (which is why the black one looks so ridiculous - I puffed out the one with white lining by stuffing it full of stuff, but didn't with the black lined one, and it shows), though I did use interfacing to give them a bit more stiffness and weight. Probably it'd be smart to make a larger bag with a stronger fabric, but I don't anticipate trying to haul around anything too heavy.

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