20 September 2007

White Bean Salad

This is just kind of your average white bean salad. It was very nice tasting, but I do think it could have used some more herbs in the dressing. (I ground a lot of pepper over it, which helped, but more herbs would not go amiss.) It was also far too much food for lunch, but it was tasty.

Tasty enough that I'm having it again for lunch tomorrow. (And also, I didn't want to throw out half a can of beans just because I don't have a use for the rest of the can at the moment.) I am hoping that some of the garlic flavour and the parsley will get a bit stronger tasting while sitting overnight.

The beans that I used today were an organic brand, Eden organic navy beans, which I really only bought because they were in a conveniently smaller can than average. They were probably the nicest tasting beans I've ever had from a can - they're made without added salt and didn't have that processed taste (or that nasty paste you usually have to rinse off canned beans). Very highly recommended, and in spite of the slightly higher cost, I do think I'm going to keep buying them.

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