26 September 2007

I didn't cook this either

This is another dish that my sister made, which I had a few bites of yesterday. She doesn't like to cook, and doesn't think she can cook, but she's been trying to cook, and I've been helping her a little here and there. (If my schedule were more stable at work, I'd cook for the three of us living here in exchange for her always doing the dishes. It's a trade-off we could both live with, but I like to eat weirder things than she and her husband do, sometimes, so I don't know that it'd work out so well for her husband.)

Anyway, this is a pretty basic stir-fry, but it's so beautiful and bright. I love the mix of colours and looking at it makes me wish I were eating it (even though I only ate a little while ago and am still full).

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