03 September 2007

Baby Steps

I had thought about starting out with a kind of.. this is who I am and this is what this blog is about, sort of post, but then I thought... nope, I'm just going to jump into the middle of things.

This isn't where I usually work on my quilting, but I live with my sister and her husband, and the day I was cutting these out, he was home and in the basement. He's a smoker (and I'm not) so I prefer not to work downstairs when he's there. My usual set-up usually has a table-top ironing board across the top of the table, and my sewing machine would probably be on the floor near my feet (if I were sitting).

All those squares of fabric up top are eventually going to be sunlight and shadows blocks - just like the blocks on the left. And just like these blocks here:

I'm a member of a group on Livejournal called Birthday Blocks, which is an exchange group. We make a block for each member's birthday, and in turn on our birthday, we get a block from everyone else. (A week late, though, and I've only received three of fifteen blocks.)

I requested these Sunlight and Shadows blocks because I wanted to try something I've never really done before - a repeating pattern, no sashing, full-sized, and scrappy. Although I'll only be receiving 15 blocks from the exchange group, I'm planning on making a quilt using 56 blocks, so I've got a lot of catching up to do.

It's really hard for me to make a scrappy quilt because I want badly to make everything match perfectly. And these blocks are difficult for me because I always want things to be symmetrical. So this quilt pushes some of my quilting buttons, and that's what I wanted, so that's a good thing. (Here's hoping I love it when it's finished...)

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