12 September 2007

Cat Block - Designed after Laurel Burch

This block is one that I made today for a member of a group on Livejournal that I'm part of - Birthday Blocks. The request for this block was for a cat block - something I had absolutely no experience in making and no real desire to make, alas. (I'm not a big fan of animal blocks or fabrics.) The recipient had no requests for fabrics or colours, but did mention that she really likes Laurel Burch cat fabrics.

A friend was kind enough to send me a fat quarter of LB fabric, and I designed this paper-pieced block to be as similar as possible to the Laurel Burch style. (Not quite so much the cats in this fabric, as the cats in this one.) There are a few things I'd change, if it weren't so much of a hassle to do - like adding a black bit at the bottom of the nose to differentiate between the nose and the body, and also adding a slump to the shoulder, so that it wouldn't be quite so square. And probably I should have used a darker colour for the eyes.

(I think the recipient could add some stitched whiskers with gold embroidery thread, though, if she wanted, and that would help out with the nose thing.)

Anyway, I can't say I really *like* this block, but I'm actually pretty impressed with myself over it. For a first attempt at pattern design, I think it came out pretty good. (Even though I did forget to reverse my pattern, and thus got a cat sitting in the opposite direction of what I'd intended. At least it didn't involve anything where the direction would matter, like a word.)

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