20 September 2007

Apple-Walnut Amaranth

Today I started doing a week long detox program that eliminates food allergens like gluten and eggs and dairy and so on. And this was my first breakfast. (Oh how I shall miss my Fibre One/Cheerios with milk each morning...)

It looks kind of gross - very bland colour and the texture doesn't really look that great either - but it was quite tasty, and very filling. This cooked up quite a bit like rice, though it doesn't absorb quite so much liquid. It reminded me a bit of oatmeal, but I suppose that's only because it's the nearest comparison that the average North American can probably make. How often do we eat cooked grains other than oatmeal?

I cooked this with chopped apple (and cinnamon), but I think when I make this again, I'll stir in fresh apple after it is cooked - I think I'd prefer to have a crunch of apple rather than the soft bits of apple you get from cooking it.

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