09 September 2007

Curried Root Vegetables

So tonight's dinner attempt was a failure. It was meant to be Curried Root Vegetables, and in theory it sounded pretty tasty, if a very (very) lazy way to make a curry. I was a bit put off by the "cooks fast in the microwave!" claims, but decided to try it anyway.

So not worth it. The carrots and parsnips were undercooked (except where they were severely overcooked), the turnips were almost but not quite cooked and the sweet potatoes were for the most part overcooked to the point of being limp. The flavour was boring, sort of generically sweet without any more complexity, and pineapple + curry powder does not a curry make.

I should have trusted my instincts about the microwave part of things, and at least just done it on the stove. It wouldn't have been fantastic that way, but at least I could have adjusted the cooking time better and wound up with something edible (if uninspiring).

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