31 January 2008

Five-spice Pork with Citrus-Mango Salsa on Cinnamon-scented Rice

I seem to be craving citrus the last few days. Mostly I don't eat citrus fruit - when I think of oranges, I think of my parents making me eat one every single night ever before I went to bed. It made me never want to eat oranges again. So even though I don't dislike the taste of oranges, I never actually want to eat them. (I make an exception for Mandarin Oranges, but they're almost like candy at Christmas.)

Over the weekend, I saw tangelos at the grocery store and bought them on a whim. And then yesterday my sister was trying to talk herself out of cooking because her recipe seemed too complicated and I made the orange salsa for her so that she couldn't use the excuse. Well, I cut up the tangelos for her salsa (since the oranges we had didn't look as nice) and with the cilantro on it, it was so good! So I had to make my own citrus salsa for dinner today.

The tangelos at my work looked awful, but while I was looking for oranges I found blood oranges! I'd never actually seen one before, so I had to buy a couple. And then one of the produce guys told me he'd get some Cara Cara oranges out of the back for me to buy as well. They're a bit like a pink grapefruit in colour, but are very sweet and so good, even to a non-citrus lover like me.

Anyway, I found a recipe for a 5-spice pork tenderloin with a mango salsa that you're meant to eat wrapped in an egg-coated tortilla (kind of like French toast, I guess...), so I picked and chose bits of the recipe to use. The meat was really fantastic, and it tasted great with the salsa and the cinnamon rice, which had been frozen from something I made a while ago. I think the cinnamon flavour was much more apparent with this recipe than it was in the meal for which it was intended. Definitely a good thing that I had so much of it left-over.

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