21 January 2008

Curried Red Lentils with Caramelized Onions and Cinnamon-scented Rice

This looks, as my grandma would say, like a dog's breakfast. But did it ever taste good.

I find it sort of... odd and distracting that the lentils, which start out red, cook up yellow. But they're a fantastic shade of it, at least. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I decided to try out this recipe, but I think I imagined something a little more thick than it turned out. It's a bit like a very thick soup or a very thin stew. It could have used a bit more salt, and I think I'd like it a touch spicier, but it was really good.

There's such a big pile of caramelized onions on there (half an onion, actually) but they're so lovely, I don't think there could be enough. The rice was cooked with a stick of cinnamon in it. I thought maybe it'd colour the rice a little, but it didn't at all. It makes only a subtle change in the taste of the rice, but it was nice.


  1. they look like eggs, with noodles on top from the other thumbnail.
    Does sound good though.

  2. To me the onions sort of look like worms piled up on top :D (So tasty though.)

  3. hee hee, that's what I was thinking to, for some reason didn't want to say that though. LOL!!
    We really should have a cooking night! :) t