13 January 2008

Spicy Cabbage on Chinese Noodles

Any idea just how hard it is to photograph food when it's all the same shade of bland? Slightly golden cabbage, onion, garlic, noodles, and to top it all off... chopped peanuts.

I'm glad I had cucumber and tomato in the fridge to add a little colour to the plate though. If I'd had a red chili, I'd have sliced that up to sprinkle on top to help things out as well. I'm not sure that using a black bowl was the brightest idea - I never quite like how the food looks against it and can never decide where to take the picture, on my usual black coffee table (where you can't distinguish between plate and table) or on the red tablecloth covered table (which throws off the colour of the food on the plate) - but it's probably a much better idea than my favourite white plate. The gold on white would have probably been worse.

Don't get me wrong though, this is delicious. Coming from a position of someone who loves cooked cabbage, of course, but there isn't a real taste of cabbage so much as the chili-garlic sauce that gives it its kick. And the salty crunch of peanuts. I'm glad there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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