08 January 2008

Blackened Chicken on Harissa Quinoa Pilaf with Steamed Broccoli

A lot of spicy things tonight - I kept sneezing while it was cooking, and it wasn't even because I've not been well. I couldn't get the chili/ cumin/harissa/pepper or whatever it was out of my nose.

I've made this chicken before, though this time I had to use chipotle chili powder (as we tossed the plain chili powder), which changed the flavour in a subtle, but very nice way. It was quite smoky this time, and though I was worried it wouldn't be as good, I think it came out pretty well.

For Christmas this year my mom picked up some strange Victorian Epicure spices for my sister and I. One of the ones she got for me was a Harissa blend (it comes with instructions on making the paste that most recipes seem to use). I don't really have too many ideas about how to use such a thing, but fortunately my mom asked for some recipes. The quinoa recipe is one that she got by way of a VE salesperson up in Yukon or NWT. I didn't really follow the recipe, but it gave me the bones of what ended up on the plate. It was quite tasty, really.

The leftovers of the chicken are going to be diced up and mixed into part of the leftover quinoa for lunch tomorrow. Yum.

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