29 January 2008

Baked Potato with Green Peppercorn Cheese and Mushroom Cream Sauce

This sort of looks bland and dull - it's so beige - but it was really tasty. I wasn't really feeling up to a big proper supper tonight, but I wanted something warm and filling, so... baked potato. It's kind of a little one, but it was the perfect size for tonight.

The beige stuff up top is a mushroom cream sauce, without the cream. It turns out both cartons of cream in the fridge expired a couple days ago, so I used non-fat milk instead. It was quite good anyway. The mushrooms were cooked in a bit of butter and over it all I grated some weird cheese stuffed full of green peppercorns. (I don't know what sort of cheese it was - I would guess it's about the same hardness as a Cheddar, but it didn't have any of the flavour of a cheddar cheese.) Anyway, it added a nice little spark to the mushroom sauce.

Good stuff all around.

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