21 January 2008

Baked Ham with Colcannon and Mixed Vegetables

I've been a very lazy cook this month, and as I've a dentist appointment today, it might continue on for another day or two. I don't really know what, if anything, they're going to do with my teeth today, but if I end up having anything done that requires freezing my mouth... I'll probably not be cooking tonight (or possibly tomorrow night, we'll see...).

At any rate, in light of my laziness, I decided I should do something a little more put together than toasted cheese sandwiches with ketchup. So on Sunday, I made this.

The ham is just one of those pre-cooked ones you can buy for $12 anywhere, but my work had them for $5 for a couple days last week. So, honey ham. I didn't do anything to it besides re-heat it in a bath of pineapple juice.

I'd found a colcannon recipe a while back, in a cookbook of mine, and decided that I needed to try it sometime when cooking for my sister and her husband. They're both mashed potato fiends, and they're both cabbage fiends. Seemed a recipe made in their version of heaven. I wound up using a different recipe (found here). I didn't quite follow the directions - I only crisped up one side, gave it the flip and crisped the other, rather than doing it in two layers with a crunchy layer on the top, bottom, and middle - but did use his basic proportions for things.

I always wonder when I make things like this, that are so culturally specific, if I'm making them the way they're "supposed" to be made. But I suppose that's a bit of a ridiculous thing to be concerned about, since probably every Irish cook out there makes a slightly different variation on the theme. Like trying to find the definitive apple pie recipe. Anyway, it was quite good, so authentic or not, I'll probably make it again.

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