08 February 2008

Asparagus Tartlet

I've been lazy again. I haven't really felt up to cooking the last little while, and so I haven't. I've been eating a lot of crap or else nothing, and it's (once again) got to stop. So.

Tonight I was going to make turkey meatballs and a Caesar(ish) salad, but I didn't feel up to it. I was making a menu for next week, though, and was flipping through a cookbook/gardening book I've got called Shoots, Leaves and Eats trying to find a recipe for something I cooked a while back (Balti Vegetables) and I found this instead.

I'd never made pastry before and was a little scared of the prospect, but it really wasn't that difficult AND I was able to adjust it to just one serving. (Imagine that, a being able to make just one single tart. I would love to create a cookbook of single serving desserts or other baked things that don't involve putting the leftovers in the fridge.)

I didn't realize the pastry would shrink, though, as it was cooking - there was a 1-cm rim on the tart, which shrunk down to about a 1/4-cm rim (it's a bit bigger in some parts) so I guess there was a reason the recipe said to make a 2.5-cm rim. There wasn't a lot left by the time this shrunk down and I was worried the egg would just slide right off before I got it in the oven, but it came out all right anyway.

Anyway, the flavour of this was really nice. The asparagus tasted fantastic - it was frozen asparagus, which I don't usually use - and the cheese was delicious and I overcooked the egg a little but it was so so good anyway, and now I want to cook everything tucked into a little pastry tart.

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