13 February 2008

Roasted Tomato and White Bean Salad with Hard-boiled Eggs

I should have updated this a couple days ago, but I suppose I've just been a bit lazy. Actually, I've been a lot lazy - it's taken a lot of effort to get out of bed most days the last little while. (But I did shovel the walk and part of the driveway today! That took energy! Energy which is now gone, resulting in me burrowing into bed to watch TV on my laptop.)

Anyway, I broke into one of my vegetarian cookbooks again and dug out this recipe. It's been quite a bit changed, to suit what things I had in my cupboard, but it turned out really lovely. I think it could use a... more constructed vinaigrette (since this just had all the components poured over top - I'd rather whisk it together properly and have all the flavours blending) but this is a bit of a kitchen sink recipe, so I think I could make it a dozen times and have a dozen different outcomes.

A few bits of it were wasted - the artichoke hearts and the olives, in particular. I don't really like olives and never have, but decided to try them out anyway, since there are a lot of things I like now that I never used to. But they're still much too salty, and I find the flavour too pungent. The artichokes, also, tasted too much of salt, though I did rinse them. Maybe another time I should try oil-marinated artichokes, rather than the ones canned with a brine.

Anyway, the roasted plum tomatoes were really delicious, as was the rest of the salad, really. It was definitely good enough to make again.

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  1. YUM! You have to come over to cook one day! We shall do the themed cooking!