18 February 2008

Lemon Turkey Soup

This is such a terribly unattractive photo - the broth looks like water and the sugar snap peas are nearly olive green (especially next to the vibrant green parsley) - but it was the second day of this soup, and snap peas don't hold up well for a reheat (in terms of colour, anyway).

I pretty much always use tomatoes or tomato juice or crushed tomatoes in my soups, but I always have a hard time photographing reddish soups. You can't see the other ingredients very well and the colour doesn't seem to translate very well either. So I found a recipe for Lemon Chicken Noodle Soup and decided to give it a try.

It was a pretty basic recipe - broth with carrots and celery, cooked cubed chicken breast, dried oregano, fresh parsley, crushed garlic, a handful of noodles (cooked separately and added at the end), and a squeeze or two of lemon juice. I used some leftover turkey from the freezer in place of the chicken and the snap peas in place of celery (since I didn't have any) and added some shallots.

It really was quite good, though I found the lemon a touch strong for my tastes (I'm finicky about lemon, though), and I found myself missing the tomato. Next time I'll stick to what I do and like best, I suppose.

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