19 February 2008

Lemon Chicken with Green and Wax Beans and Baked Paprika Potato Wedges

So I bought this new cookbook the other day called Tapas, which is, of course, a collection of Spanish tapas recipes. There's nothing about any of these three recipes that strikes me as particularly Spanish or particularly tapas-like, but I don't suppose I know a whole lot about either. They were tasty, no matter where they come from.

I couldn't seem to get the chicken to brown tonight, but I didn't want it to dry out, so I gave up on that bit. It was a really simple dish - cooked down onion (though I used shallots) and garlic in oil, then add the chicken, once browned, grate lemon peel over and squeeze in the lemon juice. Add chopped parsley at the end and season. Delicious and easy.

The potatoes were supposed to be fried in a ton of oil, but I baked them in the oven instead, with not a lot of oil. They don't crisp up the same way, but it's a lot more healthy. I probably should have added more cayenne to the spice mix (cayenne, paprika, cumin) but they were very tasty anyway.

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