28 February 2008

Turkey Sausage with Perogies and Green Beans

This hasn't really been the month for updates, has it? I've either been not cooking or cooking things I've made before or making things that aren't interesting enough to bother with. But mostly I think I've just not been cooking.

I don't really know if this counts as cooking, since mostly it was just heating and reheating, but it did taste very good. The green beans were just barely steamed, then tossed with a bit of butter and lemon juice. The sausage is just reheated, since it's pre-cooked. The perogies were a bit more labour intensive, though.

Usually when I make perogies, I bake them. It's both lazy and wrong, but also much better for me. Perogies are pretty high in calories to begin with, but when you do them the proper way, they're little gift-wrapped heart attacks.

First, you boil them in water until they float. Then you drain them, let them dry a little over a bit of heat, then toss in a metric ton of butter and cook them until they get crispy and a bit golden. I was too lazy and trying to avoid using too much butter to get them to the golden stage today, but if I were being proper about it, that's what I'd do. And then, you have to top them with sour cream, and in ideal circumstances, fried bacon and onions. I don't have any bacon (and don't really eat it any other times, so I didn't want to buy it) so I had to use a few nasty simulated bacon bits to add some colour. Anyway, all of that - perogy, butter, sour cream, bacon, and onions - adds up to the food of the Gods of Clogged Arteries and Happy Taste Buds.

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