30 July 2007

Yellow Chicken with Ginger Vegetables and Baked Tomatoes

The yellow chicken is supposed to be an anti-cancer recipe because the ingredients - garlic and turmeric - apparently counteract the negative effects of grilling meat. I didn't grill this chicken, so it was kind of pointless, but I decided to give it a taste test. It's not very flavourful. In fact, it's surprisingly unflavourful. I think if I were to try it again, I'd add some cumin or cayenne or something to add a bit of interest to the taste.

The rest of my meal was a bit of a mish-mash since I was recipe testing and wasn't thinking too hard about how the flavours would interact. The carrots and cauliflower were supposed to be spicy - alas the red pepper I bought was anything but spicy and so added no real flavour at all. They were still quite good - very gingery and a little bit sweet.

The baked tomatoes were also fantastic, and I could have eaten a whole plate of just them, I think. (I ought to have blanched them first, though. You can see where the skin was slipping off the one of the right.) And the asparagus was just an excuse to eat salty, roasted asparagus because I love them and wanted to eat some before my most recent bunch of asparagus goes bad.

Anyway, in spite of the near miss with the carrot/cauliflower and the slightly bland (but gratifyingly yellow) chicken, it was a good meal.

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