16 July 2007

Scrambled Eggs with Fake Meat Patties and Sauteed Potatoes

I love breakfast for lunch. Or dinner. I don't know why I never make breakfast for breakfast.

Anyway, more fake meat. This - Yves Breakfast Patties - was one of the better ones I've tasted, though it still has a faintly salty taste to me. They weren't terribly high in sodium, so I don't know why that's the taste that came across most to me. Maybe it's the fakeness of it that I'm tasting, like when you drink a juice that has too much of a fake sugar taste, and I'm lining it up in my mind with salt. I don't know. Anyway, as I said, it was one of the better ones I've had. It was very obviously fake meat, but I prefered the spices in this one to the ones in Yves Breakfast sausages (which I have to slice very thin, cook very dark, and then eat with maple syrup - the texture of those is so awful).

When I used to cook for myself at home, I liked to make fried egg with cheddar and chives (we had a giant lump of chive in the garden, until the dog started peeing on it and we had to stop using it). I haven't had that in ages, so this was the nearest recreation I could do without chives. I used a little green onion instead, and kinda sorta scrambled the eggs instead of frying them. I don't really like scrambled eggs in general, but these ones were pretty good - I didn't overcook them for once and the lumps of egg were big enough I didn't feel like I was trying to eat peas with a toothpick.

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