10 July 2007

Spicy Minted Beef on Rice Vermicelli with Cucumber and Tomato-Onion

I hadn't realized this photo was so blurry somehow until it was too late and I'd already deleted all my original shots. Oops.

The beef is either a Vietnamese or a Thai recipe that I found online, I can't remember which anymore. I don't think I made it right - you were supposed to mortar/pestle a couple chilis with some onion and garlic and oil, but I just pushed all of that stuff through one of those garlic masher things and called it good - and probably I should have used red chilis instead of green ones. Anyway, eating an entire serrano pepper on that little bit of beef makes for a very spicy dinner. (It's also got a ton of mint leaves cooked down with it.) I think it'll probably give me heartburn. Seriously delicious though.

The tomato-onion salad didn't come out nearly as spicy as it did the last time I made it. I'm not really sure what I did so differently this time around, but it's possible it just didn't seem spicy when compared to the beef.

Still practising my chopsticks skills. I don't think I did too bad, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. I don't know.

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