12 July 2007

Big Leafy Salad with Lazy Chicken Cacciatore

I was going to make salmon cakes tonight, however it's hotter than hell outside and cooking anything did not really appeal. In fact, microwaving my Chicken Cacciatore didn't really appeal, but I let it sit for an extra five (or ten) minutes so that it cooled back down to a reasonable temperature before I ate. (I love cold food...) It's a Maple Leaf brand microwave meal - surprisingly good and surprisingly filling. (The sweet and sour chicken isn't very good. But this and the sirloin beef are probably the two best microwave meals I've had. I don't eat microwave stuff often, but of everything I've tried, theirs are the only ones I'd recommend without saying "it's okay... for a microwave dinner.")

I didn't end up eating the salad until much later because I was too full. (Kind of turned into a big leafy snack.)

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