16 July 2007

Italian Scallion Sandwich with Sweet and Sour Cucumbers and Carrots

This was from last week, but I had company all weekend and didn't get it posted until today.

The sandwich recipe came from Fit-Fresh, which is the company that makes the lunch container. (The recipe title - Italian Scallion - comes from them too.)

The cucumber I'd bought that week was not very good - yellowish flesh and a slightly bitter, weak flavour. So to make it edible - top with vinegar with a little fake sugar stirred in. I remember my parents growing cucumbers out in the garden and when they were big enough to use, my mom would peel them and put them in a bowl with a big splash of vinegar. I think I prefer them that way (minus the sweetness), but this was nice to try as well.

The carrots are fantastic. I should have bought more of them at the market yesterday. Next week, I guess.

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