01 April 2008

Souffléd Cheese Omelette

Another recipe from my favourite vegetarian cookbook, Jack Bishop's A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen. According to the book, it's a sort of combination frittata and soufflé, which seems to be a pretty good description except that it can't support the weight of the things that are normally packed into a frittata - this just contains cheese and some ground black and red pepper. It was meant to have blue cheese in it, but I don't really like that, so I used a shredded blend I already had in the fridge - cheddar and Monterey jack with jalapeño and tomato.

It was delicious and fluffy and light and cheesy and wonderful.

If I'd been a touch less lazy, I'd have made a salad to go along with it, which would have been nice for the picture. But I was that lazy.

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