17 April 2008

Montreal Smoked Meat with Mustard Cream Cheese on Foccacia

Okay, one last picture before I move. This is my new favourite sandwich that I've been making and taking to work all week for lunch.

Basically, you mash a bit of whole grain mustard and ground pepper into (low fat!) cream cheese for the base. Then Montreal Smoked meat or pastrami. Then pickles. It would have something green and leafy, but I didn't want to buy any more food before moving, so I've been doing (happily) without.


The idea for this came from a new cookbook I picked up recently, Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food. (I forget what parts of his recipe I didn't use. He definitely uses pastrami and I think he uses arugula or something similar as the greens. At any rate, if I get nothing else from the cookbook, this sandwich is worth it. (Well, maybe not worth twenty-odd dollars, but pretty close.)

This isn't a terribly nice looking picture - I didn't even pick the sandwich up off the cutting board and it's all messy looking and I just kind of folded the meat to show the cream cheese and folded the meat to make it look more... meaty (since I'm pretty chintzy with meat on sandwiches; I don't like a big layer of the stuff) and yes. It's not pretty, but it is tasty.

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