26 April 2008

Spinach and Feta Turkey Sausage with Potatoes and Corn

So... first dinner in the new house. Or first dinner cooked by me in the new house. My brother in law made a couple things I'd have liked to photograph but didn't because the camera was packed. It's a bit too bad this wasn't something nicer looking or more interesting than a sausage and potatoes, but it's a Saturday night and I'm gearing up for a long night at work, so more effort than that is not something I wanted to expend.

So, the sausage is maybe the last stop on my previously never ending quest to find a healthy sausage. I think, by definition, sausages are nasty. Mostly made of the fatty, leftover bits of "meat" and then spiced so you don't realize you're eating the second most garbagey of the garbagey bits (hot dogs being last stop, I'm convinced).

This sausage, and I've thrown out the packaging a couple days ago so I can't check the brand name, clocks in a low 110 calories with... I think it was 4 or 5 grams of fat. Which tells me that either they're lying - and Canadian law allows for something like a 20% margin of error in nutritional tables, so who knows - or that they're actually made of the good bits. (Which would explain the price. Which wasn't exorbitant, but higher than average, I think.) A point in favour of my guess that they're made of the good bits is that even when I pierced it, very little fatty liquid came out. They weren't dry, but not nearly so oily as you'd normally expect.

It was a different sort of taste, good, but not quite what I imagined. I'm not sure what I imagined, but I didn't get any flavour of feta at all and the spinach was only a mild presence. It'll be a while before these are gone (since it was quite a large package and I really don't eat sausage all that often) but I think I'll definitely buy these again in the future.

The rest is pretty standard. I microwaved the corn, because I didn't want to dirty another pot, and the potatoes are just boiled and then dressed with a little butter and herbes de provence, which was probably not the best way to use the herb mix, but I only recently bought it and wanted to see what it would taste like against something without much flavour. It was nice.

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