15 April 2008

Cucumber-Cream Cheese Foccacia Sandwich

This is probably the last thing I'll post for the next week or so, until we're moved and settled into the new house. It feels a bit boring for a last post before a big change, but I had exactly that much energy in me for cooking tonight. (In other words, no energy at all, but couldn't quite justify take out or fast food.)

I used to make cucumber and cream cheese wraps all the time, sometimes with tomato and sometimes without, but I never really tried it on a sandwich like this. I made it a bit more like a Greek salad this time, with the red onion, and probably that would be pretty fantastic with Feta in place of the cream cheese, though I'd need to drizzle it with a little oil and vinegar so that it wouldn't be too dry. (But not too soggy, either.)

Anyway, it was really good, if a bit light for a dinner.

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