09 April 2008

Spicy Chicken on Rice Pilaf with Edamame and Tomato

A week or so ago I picked up a new magazine (well, the second edition of) called Clean Eating. It's mainly full of recipes, with a handful of articles about health and healthy living. And the rice and chicken recipes came from it. Both were good but not spectacular. I could eat both again, but wouldn't likely go out of my way to make them.

I do like the idea of the chicken - it's sort of marinated in a dressing made of low fat plain yogurt with spices, but since it didn't get time to sit in the mixture, the flavour didn't travel beyond the surface of the chicken. And too, it only had chili powder and garlic in it (and lime juice). The lime juice was nice, but it was a bit... boring. I think most people could come up with a more interesting flavour mix with a well-stocked spice rack and a blindfold on than that.

The rice.. it didn't really taste of anything. It had cumin and oregano in it, but it just sort of tasted like damp brown rice. I wouldn't mind to try it again, but... differently. I think I'd use a different method to cook the rice, and then separately sauté the onions with the spices and stir them in after. Not quite the same, but it might work better (for me)

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