12 April 2008

Pork and Sweet Potato with Spicy Orange-Thyme Sauce

I've been sitting here for a couple minutes trying to decide what to say about this one, but I haven't really got any ideas in particular. It's a recipe that I tore out of some magazine or other - I don't remember which, but I found it in a stack of papers when I was doing some packing today. How convenient that I had pork and a lonely, aging (but still usable and tasty) organic garnet yam in the cupboard.

The sauce, which wasn't so much a sauce as just... something to cook the potatoes in and that I reduced until it was just a sticky mess on the bottom of the pan, was a bit too sweet for my tastes, so I think if I try this again, which I think I will, I'll have to try it with something else in place of the orange juice. I don't know if it needs that sweetness at all, so maybe I could do it with just chicken stock, but then the orange flavour wouldn't be there. Or maybe I can just reduce the amount of orange juice as compared to water in the recipe. (It uses equal parts of both.)

Anyway, it wasn't as spicy as I'd hoped, so I think I could add a bit more zing to the recipe as well, and maybe that might help to cut a bit of the sweetness. My brother in law thought maybe serving it with something like asparagus would help, so that the slight bitterness of the vegetable would help pull it back.

Tasty, though, so I think I'll try to make this again and see how it goes.


  1. what about ginger?

  2. I wonder how ginger would work with thyme - not something I've tried, I don't think :D But the thyme could be changed out for something else, too, which might be interesting. Hmm..